Thursday, May 14, 2015

The Trip

The Trip

Now let me tell you a story about my dad, my dad is a diver for the Auckland museum he has been all over the world ok so we are at home it is a normal day.Then we get phone call from Tom (btw Tom dives with dad) mum picks up he says "could a I speak to Steve "mum says he's not here sorry"oh ok then could you tell him have got a dive"ok.Mum would normally think this is fine.But she doesn't know that she is gonna get job offer and the day that she starts is when he leaves and that means,left with us and I got horse camp that takes four hours to get there.
But she doesn't know that yet so when dad comes home she tells him that and is so excited because he gets to go to Tonga. I always get so jealous when he does things like this.Hes has been to the kermadecs and this place I can't remember.So it is the day before he goes and we get a phone call from world vison for the job offer and then mum realises that she starts on the same day dad goes away we hear a screem to you think I should continue to horrible for me ok then.I had to get up at 5.00am which is not a normal for me we got there way to early but I best time of my life and I am going there again in the Easter holidays with Wyatt.

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